Touch Fusion Massage and Bodywork Client Experience

Rachael is all that you would want in a massage therapist. She’s skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate about many different massage modalities, from Craniosacral to Myofascial and from Swedish to deep tissue.

Naturally intuitive, Rachael knows when to apply power and where gentleness will go even deeper. She is a dedicated professional and a caring listener. You will slide off her table feeling relaxed and nourished.

Sara Jesse ~ Project Manager

Rachael Akright has helped me tremendously with my upper body mobility with deep tissue and other techniques. My all around well-being is improved when I get regular massages.

I’m a national level bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, so I need regular body work; however, I recommend everyone, all shapes and sizes even your run of the mill soccer mom, to get work done at least once a month. Why? Because it is good for all around mobility and helps prevent injuries from tight muscles.

Rachael is very skilled and can even do cupping which is also great.

Drake Seever ~ Personal Trainer

I have been a massage therapist for 24 years, and in all that time Rachael is by far my all time favorite therapist to receive massages from. I was looking for a description, and the words “X-Ray touch” are perfect. It really does feel as though her hands are looking into the muscles and joints with an understanding, sensitivity, knowledge, energy, and healing that is extraordinary.YAY!!!

To be on her table is to be delivered to so much comfort every time. Trusting that that will always be the case adds a whole other level of comfort as well. So I easily say that Rachael is a master, not only because of her skill but because her passion keeps her studying and increasing what she is able to offer. Her strength and ability to penetrate and release tough, tight muscles is amazing, but her study of fine tuned energy work and craniosacral therapy etc…has extended her reach into yet another spectrum of relief.

I’m thinking of many times that I have felt transported to a state of such open peace under her x-ray touch. All that and Rachael is just great. She is a delight and fun and easy to be with, so it is my delight that I wholeheartedly recommend Rachael’s body work to anyone with a body.

Ray McDaniel ~ Massage Therapist

Rachael Akright is a highly skilled and effective practitioner of Myofascial Release Therapy. I recommend her highly to anyone dealing with pain or physical restrictions anywhere in the body. I happen to suffer from a congenital abnormality in my low back, characterized by compressed vertebrae of the lumbar spine enshrouded in arthritis.

Before I discovered MFR therapy, I used to have to have periodic steroid shots in my lumbar spine and take a lot of narcotic pain medication in order to handle the problem. Now I hardly ever take any pain medication, and it has been years since I have had a steroid injection.

Rachael has been my primary care provider for well over a year now, and I cannot speak highly enough about her dedicated service to me. She is well trained, knowledgeable and informed about the ongoing developments in her trade, very caring and compassionate, and extremely good at what she does.

I have been treated on several occasions by the founder of MFR therapy, John F. Barnes, and his outstanding staff at his clinic in Sedona, Arizona called Therapy on the Rocks, so I have been exposed to the top people in the business when it comes to this work. Rachael has had training from them at some of their seminars and workshops. I now see her on a regular basis to maintain the great progress I have achieved, and Rachael is an essential part of my ongoing care here in Wisconsin.

Rachael has also done a good deal of Craniosacral therapy on me to keep me in good shape. She has gotten herself quality training in that modality as well as she continues to perfect her excellence as a qualified care-giver. You’ll be lucky if you treat yourself to getting to know her. She’s the best!

David Lasker ~ Attorney

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